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Why did we do it?

We are HewTech Electronics LLC  A small design & engineering company, specializing in developing electronic controls, instruments and circuitry for the industrial markets.  Our products and designs have been utilized by many companies in industries such as industrial manufacturing, medical, automotive, heavy-equipment, recreational vehicles and commercial airline manufactures, alternative fuels and even inside some Hollywood film cameras. 

We became involved with the vintage snowmobile ignition systems because an electrical engineer & vintage snowmobile addict (no names please) believed that when any electronic device or product fails, it must have originally been designed poorly, hence anything these days can be improved...correct?  Since it was a personal "engineering" project, also known as a "government job", which was unrelated to our typical markets, it was not actually a "formal project" where engineering cost was monitored.    With cost no longer an issue or concern (engineers love this), he could concentrate on designing the best possible product so his snowmobile would have an ignition system that rivaled the space program. 

This FIREPLUG CDI design probably cost us 50 times the sleds value in engineering hours...if we were actually concerned about cost....which I'm reminded, we were not!  Not to mention time away "testing".  Once completed, we went back to business as usual, designing industrial controls, and the engineer had his bulletproof CDI box!  Word got out about a high-technology, bulletproof CDI, that was also a hot performer (extensive bragging tends to do that).  A few more units made there way to the public...word spread further.  

It began.

We offer a warranty, unmatched by any CDI manufacture or re-manufacture in the industry.  We can offer a solid warranty because this is not a copy or repair of a poorly designed 25 year old CDI.  We do not offer "Re-manufactured" or "Reconditioned" CDI units, which were bad products when new 25 years ago, and are still BAD Products.....what's the point in that?  We provide the ultimate CDI box available, whose engineering cost was equivalent to the purchase of a small island in the tropics..(but again, who's keeping track) at a price lower than most remanufactured CDI, with a WARRANTY unmatched!. 

We have since expanded the FIREPLUG CDI line to include many other vintage snowmobiles.  More vintage models will be added in the future.  Click below to go to our mainpage for model availability.  We are interested in the hobby of vintage snowmobiling, not the snowmobile market. We will answer questions to the best of our ability and share our knowledge for testing your existing ignition components.  We don't want you to needlessly spend your hard-earned money on a CDI box when it's not the problem.  We are interested in providing a great product at a reasonable price for the hobbyist & collector of the vintage snowmobile. 

Is this good business?  That depends on your point of view? 
Ask any FIREPLUG CDI owner their opinion

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Phone: (810) 765-0820 (EST) (available many evenings)


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